DBA Security Advisor is a powerful security tool that can assess SQL Server instances against a rich set of security checks and detect potential sercurity risks. Furthermore, it provides recommendations as well as remediation methods and scripts. All the security checks and recommendations are based on proven security best practices which can help you secure your SQL Server instances and thus protect your data more efficiently.

DBA Security Advisor


  • 7 Categories with more than 30 Security Checks
  • Support for Single and Multiple Instances Assessment
  • Report History
  • Information on Connected Instances
  • Rich Set of Display and Export Options
  • Customizable

* The above highlights contain features that are only available in the Enterprise Edition of DBA Security Advisor.

Available Editions
There are currently two editions of DBA Security Advisor available:

  • Community Edition: This is the free version of the program where basic functionality is enabled.
  • Enterprise Edition: In this edition, all security checks and all features are available.

For the full list of features available in each edition of DBA Security Advisor, please visit the "Features" section on this web page.

Also, you can download the Datasheet here for a summary of what DBA Security Advisor does.

DBA Security Advisor Datasheet