Licensing & Purchasing


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*Important Considerations

[1] A single purchased license for DBA Security Advisor's Enterprise Edition allows up to two (2) activations for different hardware configurations but only on the same computer. To this end, if you make extensive changes to your computer's hardware, you can generate a new activation code and run the activation process again. This can only take place once. This means that the after you make use of the second activation (for the same computer), you will not be provided with additional free activations in case of further hardware changes to your computer. In such case, you will need to purchase a new license for the Enterprise Edition and perform a new activation (read the EULA for more info).

[2] During the activation process, and after you enter the serial key that you were provided during your purchase of the Enterprise Edition license of DBA Security Advisor, you need to retrieve and submit to SQLArtBits (former 'Artemiou Data Tools') an "Activation Code". The activation code is a unique hardware hash (a hash is a numeric value derived through a mathematical formula and based upon some other, original value) that is created by running 2 different pieces of information from the computer's hardware components (BIOS id, Mainboard id) through a one-way mathematical transformation. This means that the resultant hash value cannot be backwards calculated to determine the original values and it ensures complete anonymity. This process was developed in order to maintain the user's privacy and it is only used to deter piracy.

Last but not least you can find here the End-User License Agreement for DBA Security Advisor.